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Choppy Lake Erie, another Bug Hatch, another Limit

Two gnat hatches, two midge hatches, three mayfly hatches and a partridge in a pear tree. Sounds like a Christmas in July rhyme, unless you happen to be from Indiana and never saw a mayfly hatch before. This family didn’t know what to think. What are they? Where did they come from? Do they bite? All the questions you have to know the answer to when customers ashow up and it looks like something biblical is happening. As a charter Captain for 19 years, I have seen many bug hatches. It usually is a sign that the fish are feeding on the bugs and not hitting any lures. Not so this year! There have been many arguments that the best fishing on Lake Erie was back in the 1980’s. Well, I’m 66 and have been fishing the same waters since I was 8 years old. So my expert opinion is…..I don’t know and who cares. When the fishing is so good and the bugs don’t matter, it’s just awesome that everyone with a fishing license or anyone not 16 yet can catch a limit of 6 beautiful and fantastic eating walleye. This family fought off the queezy feeling 3 foot waves will give you. If you’re planning on taking seasick pills, take them the night before your trip and you will feel much better during your charter. Don’t stop and get a sausage breakfast sandwich on the way to the boat. Have toast and a banana but don’t bring that banana on the boat! You will walk the plank. Just kidding. Even superstition can’t slow down this fantastic fishery. But it is still better to be lucky than good.

What People Are Saying

  • Captain Moses and Noah’s Ark is the best walleye and perch charter boat on Erie. Very professional and knows the lake better than the back of his hand. Reasonable prices and great teacher of novice anglers and seasoned fishing vets alike.

    - David Baringer
  • My 86 y.o dad and my son have had wonderful and memorable fishing trips with Captain Yonkers and his first mate (son) each year. We look forward to it and it has become an annual tradition as part of our Fourth of July Liu Family Reunion. Moreover we catch the big walleyes!

    - James Liu
  • Both times my husband, friends and I went fishing with Captain Moses, we limited out! I would characterize both outings as highlights of our summer. Captain Moses knows all the hot spots, and is so friendly and accommodating. He genuinely wants everyone to have a fabulous time and that really comes across. A Noah’s Ark charter is a fabulous way to spend a beautiful summer day on Lake Erie.

    - Laurie H.
  • If you want a “fishing trip” there are a lot of Charter outfits to choose from. If you want a “fishing experience” go with Captain Moses at Noah’s Ark Charters. You will not only catch fish on a first rate boat with the best captain on the lake but you will walk away with a new friend.

    - Bill P.
  • Capt. Moses is the best on Lake Erie!  We have booked a number of trips and caught a ton of fish every time.  Even when conditions were not ideal Capt. Moses works really hard to make sure you catch fish and have a great time!  I would recommend Noah’s Ark Charters to anyone looking to catch fish.

    - Mike DeMoss
  • You are the greatest captain of the high seas. You make my mom’s annual fishing trip the most enjoyable experience due to the death of my dad and having to give up the family fishing boat.

    - Russell H.
  • The nicest Captain on Lake Erie. No one better at finding the perch. Years of success fishing the waters of Lorain, Ohio for perch and walleye. Beautiful boat, always feel comfortable and safe when aboard. Captain Moses makes everyone feel like a part of his family. Wonderful location in a beautiful harbor with quick access to Lake Erie.

    - Richard B.
  • Fishing on Noah’s Ark is so much more than fishing, it’s an experience. Captain Moses is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced captain’s on Lake Erie. His number one priority is everyone’s safety and that everyone has the best possible time they can have. He cares deeply about everyone who goes on his boat. If you catch 1 fish or 50 fish, one thing is for sure – you are going to have a blast. If you want an experience that is top notch from start to finish – Noah’s Ark is your boat and Captain Moses is your guy.

    - Nate Taylor
  • I’ve had the pleasure of being on a number of fishing charters using Noah’s Ark Charters. If you are looking for a Great fishing experience I’d strongly recommend Captain Moses and his Charter Services. He has a passion for fishing and is extremely knowledgeable. Nobody can guarantee limiting out or a good fishing day but Captain Moses increases your chances greatly. When others strike out he seems to have a productive day. For me, Noah’s Ark Charters is the best choice out there!

    - Bob Lea

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